1. #hourbeets

    rock the fuck out mufuckkaaa , .

    stay loopy my friends.

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  3. i made this


  4. HOUR BEETS . (not our beats)

    -Every now and then i’ll post up beats that i make in less than an hour. Usually way less than an hour like 30 or 40 minutes. No crazy panning or mastering and stuff. But, quality enough you could rock to it

    In this weeks edition of hour beets we have this sort of REASON mash. Some cool drums, awkward organs, voice samples and what not. Feel Good.


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  6. hopefully in return you’ll take this attempt at house music in return. 


  7. Semi-bad news..

    So I know I said I was going to post up an all original track this afternoon but I ran into a speed bump. The music lab is hosting some kind of interview in the studio, so I wont be able to use the microphone. But, this tuesday I’ll have it ready for sure no doubt. 

    Bear with me of the brown variety.

  8. cracked:


    Flan in your veins.

    ALRIGHT. so I dislike reblogging things of this nature but DAMN. This is absolutely astounding, like jesus I’m still bugging over this. #snakeinthegrass #itcantcatchme

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  9. my last masterpiece 


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    and Me.

    beat was stolen from Jamal smith


    this shit is maad doope, give it a listen why dont cha.

    Lotan, Dougie fresh, Izzy groove . Dont get much better  

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